Mada Fish:
Artisanal seafood from Madagascar

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Our Tradition

We source our fish from individual fisherman and small collectives around the coast of Madagascar. Each fish is individually appraised by our experienced buyers to guarantee freshness and quality. We are a vital part of the coastal economy Madagascar, paying fair prices and providing reliable off-take for fishermen's catch every day of the year.

Modern Standards

Mada Fish operation stretches from sandy beaches of Mahajanga in the North West to leafy deltas of Mananjary in the East. We are experienced in chilled logistics, efficient pre-processing and operate blast freeze rooms on both coasts allowing us to prepare product for ocean transport. 

Impeccable Product

We source a range of products from prawns, crabs and lobsters, through octopus and calmari to reef fish species. Our sister company - Ganga Seafoods Ltd (Madagascar) is world famous producer of Glass Eels (live and frozen) and farmed Anguilla Mossambica eels.

We can pre-process and package any of our products to customer specification. Mada Fish has EU and other international export permits and long history of international seafood trading.

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Mada Fish SARL

Antananarivo, Analamanga, Madagascar